The Most Connected Recruiter in Seattle? Maybe.

Seattle’s Best Recruiter™, Scott R. Baillie, is a well known fixture in the global technology community having served as a heads-down recruiter and staffing leader for such acclaimed corporations as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan, Inc., Starbucks Coffee Company,, Classmates Online, Microsoft, RealNetworks, Clearwire, Redbox, World Vision, DocuSign, Parallels as well as a host of other established, venture funded and start-up enterprises.

He is also an expert retained by executives, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to design and implement best practices recruiting programs that have resulted in thousands of top tier, bar-raising interviews and hires.  Analytical, smart, collaborative, creative and hands-on he has over eighteen years of successful deadline driven performance for the hottest technology markets in the world.


I’m a consultant.  I want to help.  Not just companies, but individuals needing a new perspective on their job search.

EMPLOYERS: I’ve been at this recruiting stuff for a good long time and have learned a thing or two.  The job market is lurching back to life and many companies are flailing as they seek new employees.  The same old  recruiting problems are still there.  I am the guy hired to fix and or prevent those problems from occurring.  Whether your company is a start-up or a Fortune 50 corporation, I’ve been there and solved recruiting problems and challenges. 

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JOB SEEKERS: I’ve interviewed, counseled and hired thousands of people.  I’ve written several hundred resumes.  I’ve given countless hours of advice to individuals seeking assistance with their interviews, job search and resume development.  I help make people’s lives better by helping them with their careers. 

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