Consulting Options For Employers 1

Over a thousand people have accepted jobs for which I have recruited.

  • I specialize in recruiting.  I’ve been a recruiter for almost twenty years.  I’ve recruited and hired across multiple industries from the help desk to the C suite.
  • My methods are proven.
  • My consulting and recruiting fees are competitive.
  • The ROI for my services is significant.

What I Am

  • A successful head’s down recruiter — I do the sourcing, screening and recruiting.
  • A wise staffing consultant — I work closely with your hiring managers and teams to determine the right candidate profiles and processes.
  • Easy going yet professional — This work is intense and the market is tight.  Results are better when we work as respectful members of the same team.
  • Global — I work out of Seattle but have recruited internationally.
  • In demand — I am selective about the work I choose and don’t spread myself thin — I am all about creating value and delivering results.

What I am Not

  • An agency — I don’t have a staff to support nor do I peddle a database of resumes.  I work for and with you.
  • An employee — I am here help, but not here to hire as a full-time employee.  In most cases I work from my own office and have a proven track record of success doing so.

Interested in engaging my services?

  • Please contact me via my “Contact” page, or:
  • Call 425 – 996 – 8750

One comment

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