Super Charge Your Resume in Three Steps Reply

Recruiters won’t read rambling resumes. The bulk of resumes I see daily say basically the same thing.  As a recruiter, I will skip the repeated points and look for unique substance and experiences.  If I don’t see that, I move on to the next candidate.

But there is a way to stand out.  You must super charge your resume.  To do that you need to include the following as part of your resume format:

  • Use a three or four sentence Professional Summary at the very beginning of your resume.  Don’t sell, just tell.  It is critical to say what you have done, not what you want to do.  The summary should be crisp and filled with action. Example:  “Senior Accounting Manager and CPA with ten years of experience developing and monitoring multi-million dollar budgets for software companies.  Award winning people manager.  Trusted board advisor.”  Be sure your job title/career focus is mentioned in the first sentence of the summary.
  • Give a one sentence description of the places you’ve worked after you’ve identified them.  You may know that ABC   Company makes computer parts but you can assume nobody else knows that.  A simple summary stating, “ABC Company is the world’s largest computer chip manufacturer” should be enough.
  • Include three to five extremely relevant experience points for each position held.  Anything more than that becomes overkill. Use this format:  action – outcome.   Example:  “Designed and deployed payroll reporting system using existing proprietary software resulting in increased client satisfaction and significant cost savings for employer.”  Recruiters need to know what you did and how you impacted your organization.

By following these simple points you will dramatically improve your resume while at the same time increase your chances of being considered for the positions for which you are applying.  Good luck!

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